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eManifest Software for Mailmark

Manage the collation and submission of Mailmark eManifest data to Royal Mail with GeMMA

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Mailmark eManifest Software

GeMMA enables mailing houses and printing companies to manage the collation and submission of eManifest files to Royal Mail. Save Money on postage and become Mailmark enabled today.

Standalone Application

Works independent from sort processes enabling production flexibility and eManifest submission control


MyMailing Integration

.GeMMA files are automatically produced by MyMailing for seamless import and management

Site-Wide License

Collate all Mailmark jobs from internal and external sources into the single site-wide eManifest solution

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Over 75 Happy Customers

The most widely used Mailmark eManifest solution

When it came to understanding how Mailmark works, The Software Bureau and GeMMA was our first point of contact, and their knowledge of the service really helped us get to grips with it.

The Mailmark management solution developed by The Software Bureau, GeMMA, is simple, clear, and enables us to easily manage our eManifest uploads.

GeMMA has been designed with the user in mind. The developers at The Software Bureau clearly understand the direct mail business as it’s been designed to seamlessly fit into any mail operation.

GeMMA Pricing

No usage fees, pay per month or get a discount if you pay per year

  • Import from Sort MyMailing

  • Collate and Manage Mailing Jobs

  • Produce Royal Mail eManifest

  • Upload and confirm eMHS submission

£120 per month
Excluding VAT / Annual Discounts Available

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